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A gravitationally prone area like the back, the posterior upper arms tend to become flabby and drop if there is fullness. For this reason, I try to encourage women to do liposuction earlier, as opposed to later in their lives, if there is disproportion in this area. By reducing the amount of the fat in the area and getting skin tightening with proper technique the posterior upper arms stay tighter and more defined as time passes. This is important not only in the short term, but even more so in the long term, because an arm lift almost always leads to an unattractive scar. The aesthetic goal of arm liposuction is for a woman to feel more attractive in social situations while wearing short sleeve clothing. The typical social activities involve standing or walking, sedately sitting at a table while eating or drinking, or seated at a desk writing, typing or conversing on a telephone. The goal of arm liposuction is 1) to improve a disproportionate appearance of the arm, while maintaining the quality of female beauty, 2) to allow the patient to feel more comfortable and less self-conscious when wearing a sleeveless blouse, 3) to achieve a thinner appearance of the arms when the arms are in a relaxed, dependent position alongside of the torso. The goal is not to remove the maximum possible amount of fat. Arms that are disproportionately skinny with an otherwise obese body might appear deformed rather than attractive.

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