Coolsculpting at home – Try This!

This video is about coolsculpting at home $399 (

just buy ice packs from your local pharmacy for 1/50 of the price lol

Hello Tom, what is your fat percentage. Did you noticed a decrease in fat percentage.

Great Product! It helped me reduce 2 inches around my waist in 2 months. At first i was skeptical of using it but i needed to get in shape real quick for a special event. I knew exercise and diet plans could’ve worked but that way was just too much effort or too little fat loss. Besides everyone has their own diet plans and exercise techniques to recommend and it’s really confusing as to which should one follow. So i took a chance with Blue and it paid off!

Question! I have been using this for over a month and haven’t noticed any results. I weigh 140 LBS and am 5’6. I have been applying the freezing system everyday for an hour. I have read online that ice doesn’t get to the desired temperature like cool sculpting does. What should I do? Do I need to give it more time?

the success factor depends on your body structure and usage as well. Also it is a slow process as mentioned in the video therefore give it a try for one more month.

it takes 3 months for the body to process the body fat completely. how is it now?

Other than the belly fat, you look like you’re 19 years old! Amazing…you’re hair makes you look so young that maybe you shouldn’t lose the belly or you’ll look like you’re too young to drive Lol!

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