Loose Skin after 150 Pound Weight Loss RAW!

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Hi everyone I’m back with a second video on my weight loss. I got quite a few questions in my first video about do I have loose skin? Why doesn’t it look like I have loose skin? So I braved up and wanted to open up & share that I do struggle with lose skin after my weight loss.

I hope to encourage others in a similar situation as me to not let these insecurities define you or discourage you from making change!


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20 thoughts on “Loose Skin after 150 Pound Weight Loss RAW!”

  1. You look amazing! I know I don't know you but I want to say I'm proud of you!!! I'm in the process of losing weight I got 50 pounds to lose. I hope I look as good as you when I'm done! Wish me luck!

  2. When you start weigh training youll be alright..great video and keep working at your goal. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION TO US ALL.

  3. Congratulations you look fantastic. I know you've worked hard to get those results. As far as skin goes make sure to eat a healthy diet with lots of vitamin C in it, keep the loose skin moisturized, daily massages with coconut or almond oil and detox wraps around the belly. Drink water, water and more water. I'm not sure if you're lifting weights? But as the muscles grow they'll make the skin appear smoother. Buy a smooth body brush and start daily dry brushing in the morning before you take a shower, it's great for the skin and helps with circulation.Try some of the natural remedies for stretch marks you can find them on Pinterest. Keep us updated and keep up the good work.

  4. you just amaz me you the best girl keep up be strong this is 2017 that loosy skin can be cured in just a matter of money

  5. I love her arms the flap of skin is so cool the marks on her make her who she is and when she has those marks on her she should feel acompolished about how she lost all that weight she should be happy she lost the weight and have a good happiness about the marks on her cause it is good so that she will always no she has acompolished something very big in her life in am happy for her

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