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The Vaser Lipo liposuction procedure brings to the U.K , lunchtime liposuction technology which allows the effortless removal of large amounts of fat and gives us the ability to reshape and enhance the curves of the body.

Vaser Lipo liposuction – quick facts

♦ Vaser Lipo liposuction is suitable for both men and women. It is a relatively painless procedure and produces results comparable to liposuction along with giving us the ability to sculpt and enhance your figure … Just look at our results…(Vaser Lipo before and after).

♦ It is performed under local Anaesthetic, has minimal recovery time and above all is very price competitive compared to traditional liposuction.

♦ The other advantages of Vaser Lipo are that with it their is minimal bleeding, bruising or discomfort, it tightens the skin, removes significant amounts of fat and above all allows us to sculpt your body giving you high definition. (Vaser Lipo before and after ).

♦ In our opinion Vaser Lipo Liposuction will be the future gold standard in walk in-walk out liposuction procedures.

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