Vaser lipo-Smart lipo. Before procedure & after @quashandabrown

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7 thoughts on “Vaser lipo-Smart lipo. Before procedure & after @quashandabrown”

  1. Hey guys!! I did post an update about a couple weeks after this video. Check out my page with more videos. I need to do an upgrade now tho. You should definitely get this procedure done @alex

  2. Hi!Can you please tell me what kind of compression-wear/shapewear you are having on port surgery? Brand?

  3. +monica201136   I thought it was a sneaky sales pitch for somefake pills to flush out toxins in my skin or something. Good thingit has 60days money back guarantee so I wont have to worry if itwont work. And I bit the bullet and was amazed by its result! It mademy skin looked smoother and those cellulite were all gone permanently.^^

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