VaserLipo Body Sculpting & Contouring Huntington Long Island NY by Dr. Lebowitz

This exciting new VaserLipo body sculpting and contouring video is by Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz at the Long Island VaserLipo Center, located in Huntington, NY. VaserLipo is a sophisticated liposuction technique that uses ultrasound energy to selectively target unwanted fat deposits for smooth, extraordinary results with fast recovery and minimal downtime. VaserLipo can remove fat from many areas of your body (listed below).

Dr. Lebowitz uses the VaserLipo and its ultrasound energy to target fat cells, leaving other tissue unharmed; which helps minimize discomfort and bruising. Through a series of small and inconspicuously placed incisions, Dr. Lebowitz will introduce a dilute anesthetic solution, as local anesthesia, into the area(s) being treated. Then the VaserLipo cannula is presented through the same small discreet openings target the unwanted fat. Lastly, small tubes, or “cannulas”, are placed through these same slits to gently aspirate and remove the unwanted fat.

VaserLipo is not a substitute for diet and exercise. The best candidates are individuals that are near their normal body weight. Dr. Lebowitz highly recommends VaserLipo for those who wish to shape and sculpt their body by removing excess fat in targeted areas, especially in treating areas that have not responded to traditional weight loss or exercise.

Dr. Lebowitz Provides VaserLipo for the:
Neck, upper arms, abdomen, flank, back, inner thighs, outer thighs, knees, calves, and gynecomastia (male chest).

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  1. dr.lebowitz u are thr best because u are always updating your techniqes methods and technology and making better results.

  2. Would it be possible for a breast lift with lipo and then fat transfer to breast for fuller shape to be done with one day procedure?

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